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What if..

now bare with me on this.

What if…

Craft stores actually sold high quality faux fur.


Hey guys!

So I know I don’t really come on here much anymore, which I apologize to all of you and Vyxx.. i dont have a computer anymore but im trying to do my best on my tablet/phone but mobile isnt the most user-friendly if you’ve ever used it.

What I’m leading up to here is that if any of you guys have a question thats been bugging you a long time that you just CAN’T wait for in the ask box, there are other means of contacting me. I have a Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, Vine, Skype, (Email???) essentially everything aside from Twitter. And you can also use these just to message me for fun or if you need advice for whatever. I LOVE hearing from you all so add me/message me!

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I've been looking at the furry fandom for a while now and it seems so cool and interesting and I have started drawing anthro stuff but if I want to be a furry does that mean I have to be into the sexual stuff??? thanks ^^ love your blog btw

You know. I went back and fourth on how i was going to answer this one.. Part of me wanted to be really sarcastic and the other part of me wanted to be nice and helpful.

I’ll go with nice and helpful:

Nope. You can keep looking at clean art and still be a furry.


Can I re-draw your icon for you? :0 I really love this blog and I also love art!

O-oh! I guess, so! If you have a fur affinity I’ll even send a watch at ya.


I really enjoy furry art and I'm sort of afraid of how my friends would react if they knew. I've asked them about their views on furries, and they don't really care one way or the other. I'm afraid of how they would react if I started reblogging or posting or talking about any clean furry art. Suggestions?

Just… do.. it..?

Come up with a tag for it so they can block it if you’re that worried about it.. but.. it’s nothing to get so worked up about.

It’s just cute (and sometimes badass) cartoon animals?

Plus, you mentioned that they said they don’t care, so, just take them at their word.


I know this isn’t a furry problem, but I feel like this is a related blog and maybe you’re interested in taking a look. It would be fun to see more confessions on there X3

I want to make a fursona but I cant draw at all how should I go about making one?

You don’t need a “physical” representation of your fursona. If you can visualize it without a picture, then just describe your character really well. That’s what furs used to do back in the day of MUCKS.

Though, if you need a “physical” representation of your fursona.. play with doll makers. Seriously. The only downside is you’re pretty limited to what you can do with them. But, I think they can be a good starting off point. :)

Have some links:

x x x(built in with dog and wolf options)

Wolvesx x(good for sparkledogs!) x

x x



Anthro Male/Female



x x

Cats (both house and big varieties)
x(bright and demon-y) x x x x



This is by no means an exhaustive list. Go ahead and google it!

Otherwise, find a free ref sheet base through an image search and print it out and play with markings. Just… for the love of the gods do not claim the art as your own.

Have fun and be all kinds of creative :)

I'm kinda scared, that my family won't accept my choice of my fursona. Because they are all cats. And I chose to be a wolf.

I.. do not understand this question.. I’m sure they’ll be fine with it?


Alright! Inbox is cleared. If your stuff isn’t on the blog, we never got it. Sorry about that!


Hello to you ^^ I hope you're having a wonderful day/evening/night and I do have a question for you both if you don't mind. I've been playing with the idea about making a fursona myself & perhaps breaking into the Furrie fandom - however I'm not quite sure where to start, how to decide on a species & the like. Do you have any advice and perhaps I could hear how you two decided on your 'sonas? I appreciate any answer (and I'm sorry if I missed this in your previous posts!)

I don’t know how long this question has been sitting here, sorry about that!

For me, I did a lot of soul-searching. It was all i thought about for an entire week. Nothing felt right until I thought about a fox. Granted, after a few years of having the same colours, I have done a complete transformation of my character.. but, I think that happens sometimes. Sometimes a character you make in highschool doesn’t fit with you later. My fursona is like an extension of myself, some characteristics are played up a bit more (like being flirty, outgoing, and confidant), but they are still basically me.

I say, give it some thought. Give it a bit more. And then finally a bit more. You’ll get there. And if you ever want someone to brainstorm with, c’mon off anon, message my personal blog, and I’ll try my best to help. :)

Also, if you haven’t read Steel the Warrior’s post on this topic, you might want to.


Trying to come up with a name for my character sucks. I've already ordered and paid for a suit, yet I cant think of anything better than "Giant Pink Dog"

That’s good enough for a name, anon!

Some characters do have names like that, and it’s tottally fine. This fandom is based around being creative, naming doesn’t necessarily fall under that. :P

You know what? That name seems to fit anyway. Cuss, people might end up calling you GPD for sort or something. I say name the character that and stop stressing about it, allright?