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How do you deal with the post con blues?


Ahhh, this is an excellent question!

Before I give you a few hints on HOW to handle the “Post Con Blues” a.k.a. “Post-Con Depression” or “PCD”, I’ll first go into WHY we suffer from this dread after a convention.  I apologize for those of you who don’t enjoy reading, but this is quite an interesting subject that deserves elaboration.  If you’re too impatient to learn something useful, skip down to the sentence in bold to get right to the answer ;p

When we’re having a glorious time, “feel-good” chemicals like serotonin are being produced more than normally because of all of the positive feedback you’re getting from your environment: Good friends, social acceptance in your own eccentricities (Furry taste), reaffirmation that you are not alone, great art, lots of delicious porn to enjoy, creativity (getting commissions, or making them), potentially making money and being productive, feeling like you’re an avid part of the community if you’re giving back to it (via running panels, or hosting events or games), playing fun games, fursuiting (which is a major topic for another time) and making all sorts of NEW social connections!  A long list, I know!

Now, after a weekend of all of this magic happening, a social euphoria, in a sense, you’ve gotten very used to this chemical flowing through you in abundance, just making the weekend fly by in glee…  Then, you must head home, and return to your life of normalcy.  This is when PCD kicks in, not during your travels home, but normally a day after, usually after a cycle of sleep, when your body regulates itself.  You now have a body full of “Normal” amounts of chemicals, and now a distinct lack of the “Feel good” ones.  Exactly like a crash after a great drug high, we plummet into depression, because of the sharp change in chemical balances.  This is why people who have a better time at a convention suffer from PCD worse than those who didn’t have as good of a time there.

This crash eats away at us for another day or two, and then the symptoms of withdrawal come in full swing, this is the most painful part of PCD, as it’s your brain screaming for another rush of those merrymaking chemicals after suffering for days without it.  These symptoms can last anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of weeks, depending on the frequency of this happening to someone, and if they have the “Addictive personality” (Which is awkwardly-named, in my opinion) etc.  Eventually, one will get over it, albeit rather painfully.


Now that we have the “Why” out of the way, let’s handle the “How”!

Just suffering through PCD is the same thing as going “Cold Turkey” from any other addictive substance, like cigarettes:  It sucks, through and through.

Instead, it’s a better idea to give yourself little bits of that same happiness after the convention has happened.  This way, you make the transition from all-to-none much less painful by going down step-by-step, instead of tumbling down the entire cliff.

"How do you do that, if you’ve already come home from the convention?  One does not simply just go back for another day!"  Of course, this is true, but instead, you can bring the convention home with you!

Personally, what I do, is purchase a few items from dealers
(Art and comics, especially, with the occasional plush or puppet!), take business cards, take pictures, take home contact information from new friends made, and even keep my keycard to get into my room.  These are all instilled with mental connections directly back to the convention.

Next, I don’t touch any of the stuff that I’ve bought (once inspected to make sure nothing’s wrong with it), but for art, I take a peek, and then store it, comics, I don’t read, and contact info, I won’t enter into my phone/Skype/e-mail until I get home.  This way, I have NEW material to enjoy a few days after the convention, that help remind me a bit of the fun I had at the con, and help make me feel a bit better.  Although it isn’t quite the same as being there, the memories and good ties will help dull the blow.

Once I’ve exhausted all of the physical items I’ve brought home, I turn to the internet!  By then, I can look at all of the pictures I’ve taken, and even see the ones posted by common photographers and video recorders (like our beloved Big Blue Fox, thank him dearly!)  Now you have an entire encyclopedia of events that happened during your convention that you might not have even known happened!

Finally, I add in all of the contact information from all of the new friends I’ve made over the course of the convention, and begin chatting away!  These friendships are (for me) the key to the best way to ride out the last bit of PCD, or maybe even these friendships prove to be so fruitful, that they help you forget about the post-con blues entirely!  I know this has happened to me before, and I’m so very grateful for those friends!

Notice how each stage is based on a different medium?  I did this, because different people respond to different mediums differently, and you want the medium in which you respond to the most, to be the final one, as the end of PCD tends to be the hardest part.  Personally, I’m an extremely social creature, so I keep the social bit until last, because I know that it will help me the most.  Some people tend to buy LOTS of comics, art, merchandise/swag and the such, and so they might want to wait for the art/merch unveiling to be the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, Anon, I apologize for the lengthy explanation, if that wasn’t what you were looking for, alas, it is a very interesting phenomenon that although happens to most everyone at least once, it’s never been really discussed outside of “I hate it!” “Yeah, doesn’t it suck?”, and I felt it was important to help others better understand it, so that they may be better armed to, and even come up with their own ways to help combat it!

May you never feel the full force of PCD ever again!


Thank you all! Love youuuu💋


this blog is so nice! also thank you for advocating for consent and ending sexual assault. it means a lot to me =) especially as someone who is new to the furry fandom.

Of course! I will always be /extremely/ sensitive about the subject of sexual assault and try my best to protect those who have fallen victim to such cruel, disgusting people.


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let the record show that the first humans capable of imagination immediately invented furries




let the record show that the first humans capable of imagination immediately invented furries

Furry Help

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 If you can, could you help me advertise? I am looking to open myself to the furry community as a whole and improve my skills to make people happier. If you’re interested, my webstore is in the link below:


Thank you so much, I hope my furry problem is solveable *wags tail happily and nuzzles*


    Scout >^_^<

Trying to have a nice, lengthy, rp with character development, but the other person keeps trying to get right to the smut... ps I am looking for some cool rp peeps hehe ^.=.^;;;;;;

Ah! Yeah, that can be a downer. I’m that annoying person who role plays during normal conversations because I use so much body language and stuff. I’m sure you’ll find someone! That’s why I’m posting this for ya. ;)

Have an awesome day! Or.. night!

Aysling SilverFox

How do you convince your body to sleep when you have too much creative energy? For instance, it's 7 am and I haven't slept in over 48 hours, as all I seem to want to do is work on costume pieces, but, I don't have any materials or commissions to fulfill the burning need to create. Do you have any suggestions on how I can finally get some rest?


Ahh, I was very recently struck with the spell that is the endless flow of creativity and ideas!  I love how it feels, and just how energized you feel, loving that you’re creating, and being productive…  Sometimes, it can get in the way with the rest of our lives, which can be a bit of a shame.

Alas, in the case of sleeping, it can be tricky!  If you have a pre-sleep paradigm that you normally perform before bed, such as a shower, then reading, then brushing your teeth and the such, your best bet is to perform that same set of behaviors, and if that doesn’t help, you might even want to try running through that cycle a couple of times.

After that, lying down, in bed, in complete darkness also helps.  Also, keep electronic-display devices off for an hour before bedtime!  Things like television, computer screens and even cell phones have been proven to actually hinder the usual process that is going to sleep.

Also, avoid activities that increase your heart rate or excite you about an hour before bed (like exercise, intense gaming and masturbation) because that will also interfere with the usual “Shut down” sequence.

Lastly, attempting meditation, or even a minor form of self-hypnosis to literally will yourself to sleep can be very helpful (that’s actually what I had to do): Just repeat to yourself, in your head “I’m getting sleepy.” and try to will yourself to feel tired and comfortable.  Often, imagining yourself already asleep, slowly drifting downwards (into whatever you want) will aid in this process.

I hope that these tips help!  I know it’s not very fun, shutting down the well of creation flowing forth from you, alas, sleep is extremely important, so you should try those tips, and have sweet dreams!

anon- i'd recommend asking him what his boundaries are. i have phobias because of childhood trauma too. definitely dont fursuit around him though


Thank you.

Hello there.., I have a few problems regarding Fursuit, Currently, I'm Financially capable but i have few problem because i live with my 2 friends here, they accept me being furries but, one of them is afraid of Fursuit, because of his Childhood, Is there's anything that i can do so he's not afraid again?

If it’s a big enough fear that it’s considered a phobia.. then I would recommend not fursuiting around this friend.. if the very idea of you having a fursuit  in your closet freaks them out… don’t tell them you have one in your closet.

Otherwise.. if it’s just mild discomfort and a twinge of fear, you could have them look at it while you aren’t in it.. like.. let them play with the head.. maybe try on the handpaws.. whatever..

I’m not a therapist, so, You can choose to listen to my bad ideas or not.. it’s up to you. Steel is though. You could go ask him.. he probably has better advice.

Aysling SilverFox


What if Scooby Doo is a really dedicated fursuiter and the rest of Mystery, Inc can’t tell whether Shaggy is playing along or if he is genuinely too stoned to realize that his best friend is not literally a talking dog

Hope this helps but i used to make fun if furries alot and was in constant denial about being one. This january i finally told all my friends except my parents i was a furry and in my gead i thought they would hate and reject me but just the opposite happened they said they always knew and it was not a big deal and they were glad i wasn't beating myself up over it anymore. I was finally content and i hope others don't oppress themselves over something great

There you go, anon dear